Being an Awesome People Leader

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"Coaching doesn’t need to be a character overhaul! Naga Siddharth provides the ultimate guide to the small changes leaders can make that create dramatic results. Start implementing these changes to your behavior today!"

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world.

Testimonials from industry leaders

Sid is a multifaceted and seasoned HR leader and executive coach. In his characteristic understated way, he shares his learnings on being an effective leader. Very helpful in uncertain times such as these.

Hari T.N.,

Author, Angel Investor and Advisor Fundamentum Partnership



Becoming a better leader is a continuous process, much like being a better human being. Every situation teaches you something. Sometimes you trip, learn and move on. But what can help us in this journey is becoming mindful of what we need to do to keep improving. That is something this new book by Naga Siddharth does brilliantly. With lots of ideas, examples and exercises, this book opens your mind to newer perspectives, and helps you in your journey to be an awesome people leader! 


Krish Shankar,

Group Head – Human Resources, Infosys

Hon. National President – National HRD Network, India



The writing is crisp, sharp and smart. Sid has a knack for delivering some very profound concepts that are simple, digestible and most importantly, actionable. Highly recommended for HR leaders who want to realise their full potential, not by changing themselves but by becoming better at what they already do.

Reading this book is like popping in a leadership pill that will help you become a truly awesome people leader.


Jayant Paleti, Co-Founder & CEO, DarwinBox



For some reason, reading this e-book reminded me of Ken Blanchard's "One Minute Manager". Sid has succeeded in keeping it simple and yet meaningful, a challenge by itself. The e-book clearly indicates the depth of reflection done by Sid drawing upon his varied experiences as a HR leader and more importantly as a coach. It is rich

personal experiences distilled succinctly and served as growth hacks with some powerful metaphors. I have seen Sid practice over the years what he has shared, something like what Sabari did before offering the ber to Lord Rama, thereby making the e-book much more authentic. To quote Marshal Goldsmith who is an inspiration for Sid, "Mojo is that positive spirit towards what we aredoing now, that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside". Sid 'pillow talks'' through the e-book driven by his passion to give and share; help people succeed; and thus eventually see happiness multiplied.  Sid seems to have had fun penning this e-book and now it is for readers to have some fun. As Sid has quoted Buddha somewhere in the e-book "Try it for yourself, and keep it if it works. Throw it away if it doesn't".


Prabhakar Lingareddy, Executive Vice President – Human Resources (Agri Business division),

ITC Ltd.



Being an awesome people leader" is a very authentic book and straight from the heart of Sid !! 

It's simple in its narrative, straight in its approach, and conversational is its style..

A one sitting read book, makes you think and constantly seeks to challenge your perspective of what you already know of leadership. 

What's written is easy to practice and you will have fun doing it.

Kudos to Sid on this awesome achievement of having the courage to write an impactful book on Leadership.


N Balachandar

Group CHRO - OLA group


Naga was candid to admit that he ensured that the book was concise since no one reads a longer book anyway. Having said that,  the book packs a punch and enable us to read with the fervor of a novel. Very lucid and to the point and in healthcare language , there is no fat anywhere. And knowing Naga it brings his unbridled enthusiasm in every line. I can visualize him sitting in front of me and narrating it.


Kumar Krishnaswamy, Group Head HR, Asia Healthcare Holdings, Medwell Ventures Pvt. Ltd.


Naga Siddhartha’s book is experiential. The examples and anecdotes are simple and easy to relate. Giving QR codes to explore a topic further is a smart move to engage the reader and help her learn effectively. I loved his writing style. Its tone is positive and that’s critical to learning and course correcting. Wish to see him churn out many more such quality works in near future.


Pramath Nath, HR Leader – South Asia, GE Steam Power


Sid is a great coach who helps people to become great PEOPLE LEADERS. Sid, you have no idea how much you have helped me. This book is very well done. The moment I started reading it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. It is a must read for aspiring People Leader.

Sridhar R., AVP – Academic Operations, Vedantu



Development science or art, as you prefer sometimes comes across as 'dislocated, eccentric, detached from its moorings'. When you are in it and in awe of it, you're not able to "see it and call it as it is". Siddharth's reflections are bold and encourage practitioners and followers to confront these discomforts and pursue what is true, authentically.

You can be yourself first and an awesome leader too is a refreshing message of the book.

R Anand, Industry HR Leader and author

This is the key to making things happen and getting results.

Naga Siddharth , you have  a remarkably ‘simple’ way of presenting things.

Best wishes for the success of your book

 Dr. Sriharsha A Achar, CHRO, Star Health Insurance


I had an opportunity to be coached by Naga a while back. He is thorough professional, asked me that the absolute right questions and helped be move to a better place.  

Naga is knowledgeable, attentive, respectful and solution driven.

His book ‘Being an awesome people leader ‘ has lovely concepts , practical and easy to use hacks.  My fav parts of the book  “being yourself ”and the “Care, don’t cure” concepts.

Congratulations on another good book!

 Sowmya Malliah, Human Resources Director – Tekion Corp



This has been one of the few books that I managed to read in one go. I loved the pace of the thoughts being shared through the pages. I enjoyed the simplicity with which varied and diverse wisdom nuggets have been articulated by you.. Specifically, the thoughts have been anchored very nicely with real examples from the world of work. I especially connected to your approach to coaching, especially the thoughts around not chasing perfection. The book literally flows through and came across as a friendly dinner table conversation that one enjoys with a very wise and experienced person or family member. It's a book which I would love to just randomly open and read for a few moments every day.

Satyam Arora, CHRO, Rivaara Labs




Siddharth is an eclectic combination of a seasoned corporate leader, a intuitive thinker and a passionate people person. This is reflected in all his engagements including his books. 'Being an Awesome People Leader' is a remarkable work and stands out in the crowd of leadership titles. It exudes freshness of a novel idea and promises practicality of execution. For the first time a book accepts a leader for the currency she/he brings to the table and simply helps them to 'grow a branch' organically, rather than trying to 'cut and graft branches' which often fail test of compatibility. A 'MUST READ'.


Dr. Debashish Sengupta

Award-Winning Author & Professor,

Royal University for Women, Bahrain


Simple, short, profound. Easy reading for leaders who will find practical wisdom which is implementable in everyday corporate life no matter which stage of leadership you may be at. Kudos to Naga for distilling years of coaching conversations into these bite sized approaches to living your life as an authentic, compassionate leader!


Richa Sachdeva Chatterjee, Head HR, Digital, Print and Publishing Business,

Network18 Media and Investments Limited


Being a people leader requires one to be less obsessed with oneself and willing to be open to others - be it others presence or point of view. Being there in the moment and being open to listening will take us to the starting point of building teams.


In my interactions with Naga I am always admired his sense of commitment to the larger HR fraternity - willing to coach young professionals as they come in seeking help. His presence when we connect to discuss issues, being there and willing to listen.


Sunitha Lal, CHRO, Ather Energy

Author, Speaker



Way to GO Siddharth – for being an awesome people people leader and achieving business through people…


Dr. Sreedhar Reddy M.S., Head – HR & Admin, Forus Healthcare



I loved reading this book, thanks for sharing it with me. I especially like the fact how you mapped it all back to the best people's leader with instances which made it so relatable.

Namrata Arora,Head HR and External Communications,


A friendly nudge always makes us do better. Siddharth’s book belongs to this style. Bit informal, very friendly and yet makes us think, helps us orient better with our own internal compass towards becoming an awesome people leader.

This must-read book highlights the importance of elements of awesome leadership that enhance organization and individual performance.

 Ponnu Subramanian, International Commercial Lead – Spar International,

Expert Retail & CPG professional



The word awesome, now a part of common slang ,is taken as very impressive and   is also defined as exhibiting or showing reverence, admiration or fear 

After reading Sids excellent articulation in plain English and simply expressed i believe calls for the leader being revered for what he does for others sans fear to grow them


With liberal quotations and sayings of a fellow student of Marshall Goldsmith's I believe Sid has aptly captured the personalization of leader development.

The essence of great coaching is asking the right questions and helping the coachee find the answers himself. With some simple examples of what actually works without the jargon and encumbrances, Sid brings out in simple steps how one  becomes a people leader coach 


This is a good primer for leaders self development rather than a "do this and you will be an awesome leader" as it strikes the reader in the simplicity of language, ideas, steps and genuine humility to succeed.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Sid and see him grow over the last 2 decades and am so proud of how he has grown to be an awesome people leader himself


Marcel R Parker, Chief Mentor - Quess Corp Ltd,

Leadership Coach and Mentor.



Sidhu's "Being an awesome People Leader " touches the core of being a Leader. The most beautiful message is that leaders should lead and not stay behind and push employees.  If they stay behind both of them will be tired.  It also beautifully touched the basic concept of kathoupanished "Time" and the importance of staying present. Finally to be a successful leader picking up worthy leaders is important and hiring that talent is an important step is wonderfully written in simple words.  A very short and a sweet book to have it handy for all time reference.

Kumar Rajagopalan, Vice President and Country Head, India, DISYS



The book is an excellent example of storytelling. Siddharth has poured in his experience in simple and effective language.

He has touched upon key facets of a leader and has shared the anecdotes of how one can learn and adopt to be an awesome people leader.

The relived my own journey thus far while reading the book. I must admit that it is good to identify where I was right and where I went wrong.

Write down your reflections when Sid wants you to. You won’t be sorry about the same.



Sumit Neogi, HR Director, South Asia & The Middle East, The Lubrizol



True  to his name, Sid is an amazing blissful, calm HR Master with full of real life Stories, Data & a compassionate heart. We have been beleaguered with infinite power points & information overload on leadership lessons. This book brings a breath of fresh air and offers a complete new alternative. Sid’s book comes at a time when the world has gone through pandemic & people are coping with loss of lives, agony and suffering. We need a new narrative to build a new world order and Sid has everything in this book.

“A True Leader is the One, Who Knows the Way, Shows the way & takes people to new level of consciousness where they would not have gone on their own". This book is a must for every leader, it provides practical insights & extremely powerful ideas and easy to implement in daily life to create  impact " A must read.


Naganagouda S Jakkanagoudar, Vice President – HR, Global Edge Software Ltd.



You don’t become a people leader by virtue of your title or the chair. A real people leader connects well with people, understands people and thinks for people.

Generosity and Humility are key to leading people well as it acts as a catalyst in building trust and respect.

People leadership is all about knowing yourself, stretching yourself, thinking yourself, developing yourself and giving 100 % of yourself.

Partha Das, Vice President & Head HR, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.




An essential book in every practising leaders  toolkit...makes the point succinctly and in a common sensical manner by cutting through the clutter of jargon and theoretical frameworks. Refreshing read.


Shyamala Deshpande, CHRO, Wildcraft India



This is a very timely book, based on the philosophy of just in time learning. Siddharth has distilled his rich experience into easily accessible, topical themes. These cut through the heart of leadership and workplace challenges. Pithy, practical advice makes this book a good pick me up as well as a handy reference. Whether it’s about giving feedback, some sharp tips on engaging employees or the archetypes of different leaders, the book delivers some insightful advice. Written in a free flowing engaging style this is a book you would want to read.


Dr. Vishal Shah, Vice President – Organization and Talent Development, PayTM



Siddharth has made amazing contribution by taking up very complex topic of Leadership and presented in very simple way. I read the draft shared with me in almost one sitting. His experiences as a coach are shared in such a way that one cannot stop looking at one’s own behaviour as a leader. One gets tremendous insights followed by simple tips in a friendly manner. His guideline for  Being An Awesome People Leader  will certainly help young and upcoming leasders to seasoned leaders who have tried to become people leader with some success and failure.  I hope this book is read by many across organizations…….


Dr.Rupande Padaki, Founder Director, The P&P Group



This book is a great compilation of knowledge,  beliefs, and innovative & practical ideas in the journey of being a  successful people leader.


Raghavendra Kulkarni, Senior Manager – Talent Management,

The Himalaya Drug Company




Sidd is a natural people's man !!

I was doing a presentation called Treasure Hunt as CFO of Spar India

The presentation was more participative asking people for ideas and involving them to take decisions leading to cost savings

Though it was not all planned Sidd gave a thank you card to me and the two other finance team members and announced the same !!

For Sidd, recognising good people skills is natural and he is excellent in coining motivational themes for projects !!


Rajshekhar M. Rao, Sr. Vice President & CFO,

Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd.



The world we live in is constantly changing. Most leaders across the globe continue to pursue a path of least resistance. This is where "Being an awesome People Leader" brings in amazing realities and perspectives for people leaders to follow and practice. This book in a simple, subtle, and succinct manner communicates some easy-to-consume, powerful and practical ideas. This book keeps the readers interest in mind and makes sure that there is never a dull moment. From Buddha to Dr. Goldsmith, from pillow talk to a la carte dish, there are many relatable anecdotes. This was among the very few books that I read cover to cover in one sitting. Thanks, Siddhu for making it reader friendly.”


Brillian S.K., Senior Vice President and Head – Human Resources,

Times Professional Learning



I love the way Siddharth has explained key aspects of being a leader with great simplicity.  In the current times, people leaders are key game changers of business, this book is going to help many be a better leader.

My mantra of being a good people leader is following the two key rules - a. Follow what you prescribe.  b. Be a part of the team - walk together towards the goal.


Samata Ballal, Vice President – People & Culture, Medibuddy



In this book, Sid has focussed on People leadership and covered simple and implementable tips for becoming an awesome leader.

A lot of it has come from his own experience in being an Executive Coach in helping leaders turn awesome.

In our experience, Great Managers create Great businesses. And this book would definitely help anyone interested to build a great business that way. All the best Sid!


Dr. Sandeep Krishnan, Senior Partner, People Business Consulting


In my experience of managing Human Resources, that has spanned over three and a half decades, I have supported several organisations transform themselves into people-first companies. As the CHRO of the Landmark Group in India for over a decade, we achieved the status of being one of the best companies to work in the country for 9 consecutive years. While HR programs and practices facilitate the transformation of a workplace, people leaders become pivotal to the building and sustenance of a great workplace culture. I have always believed that happy and motivated people drive great business results. Having leaders who are not only experts in their domain, but great people managers, creates this environment of happiness, trust, commitment, and growth. As leaders, it is imperative to work on skills that can improve our ability to relate, empathise, coach, and motivate our people  to do their best and unleash their fullest potential.

Sid, as an executive coach for close to two decades, has generously shared his learnings on what helps leaders in ‘Being Awesome People Leaders.’. The book encourages leaders to explore different ways to improve people skills, while staying true to oneself and not putting on a layer that feels alien and not aligned to one’s personality.

If you manage a team, and aspire to be an awesome people leader, I invite you to read this book and try some of the simple hacks provided in it, which I am confident will help you in being more effective and inspirational.


Venkataramana B., Ex- CHRO Landmark Group, India

Wholetime Director at ABT group


Rarely one comes across such strong content that keeps a reader engaged.

The author, Mr. Naga Siddharth has ability to translate analysis into actionable strategy.

Every page offers compelling insights to impact and energise the reader.

It is all about people and those little things. And the organisations that get it right are the ones who ultimately succeed.


Santosh Kumar Dhanewar Head HR - Retail, Prestige Group



My young friend Naga Siddharth's new book is written in a simple & lucid style and draws on his experience in a cross -section of industries (Healthcare, Retail & Technology to name a few). There are compelling insights from his learning as a coach and from his study of Indic traditions. My favourite chapter is the one on 'Working with Authority' which makes a distinction between Authority & Power and tells us how to make peace with things that we cannot change. 'Ask more than you Tell', is a powerful advice he has for leaders, something I had seen practiced to good effect at Tesco.  Dr. Udai Pareek's framework on 'Motivation' & Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's 'Feed Forward' are elaborated in the book. QR codes embedded thoughtfully in the book encourage the reader to engage deeper in specific areas. This book is a valuable addition to the pantheon of books on Leadership.


Sudheesh Venkatesh, Chief People Officer, Azim Premji Foundation



The second best thing I did on a Sunday evening after spending quality time with family is reading this awesome power packed "Processed Compilation" by Sid.

While everything sounds familiar but nothing conformed to what I knew or what I was doing.

These insights are fresh, crisp, easy to execute and are a MUST to become better.

Ask before Tell, Care but don't try to cure, PILL ow talk, Understanding motives, Using Feed forward, Active engagement, Teflon mind, Concept of "Monitoring" pilot - these keywords will prevent me from riding a camel in Sundarbans.

Thanks a lot again Sid for these inputs.

Wishing you all the very best.


Dinesh Hariharan, Deputy Vice President – Foods & Beverages, Inox Leisure Ltd.



It is a book of insightful thoughts and helps you to introspect and relate to all leaders in changing their personality, attitude and behaviour. In my view, this book envisages the need to have an open mindset to create the impact and be a pleasing personality in attracting admirers / followers. Moreover it makes you think, think and think till you succeed  and it is an eyeopener for some who have not yet started introspecting on what is the impact of their behaviour.  Great learning...........


S.V. Raghunandan, Chief Enabling Officer – Ess Vee Associates,

Economic Times HR – Top 50 Influencial and Dynamic HR Leader



Siddharth is a classic example of a leader who drives tasks which at first may seem dispersed, quickly falls in place as a sorted jig saw puzzle in the larger scheme of things.


He believes in marrying all components of strategising, conceptualization and implementation in one seamless loop.


He is very adroit in establishing network and connecting interested parties within his team and outside that lead to symbiotic relationships.


Siddharth encouraged teams to  walk the talk by being close to ground realities so that fundamental understanding of problems and challenges are better understood and impactful resolutions are curated accordingly.


He did not believe in micromanagement and emphasised on running a self sufficient and self sustaining model of work such that the boat weathers all storms even when left acephalous.

Yashu Sharma, People Engagement Consultan


Siddhartha Naga known to me since last 10 years. He is passionate about leadership and helping people realise their leadership which he has very well describes in this book. I really appreciate that level of knowledge sharing.


The insights, methods and tools shared in this book will be highly instrumental in elevating your people leadership skills and capabilities. The book highlights valuable inputs on empowerment, coaching, helping hand, confidence, reward, engagement, trusting other and helping other to grow together.


The book stands out in the honesty with which Siddhartha has contributed to each chapter, seems to come straight from the heart. The book doesn’t come across as a know-it-all coming from the top kind of book, but more of sharing a personal and practical experience of people leadership. It is a great learning and reading through the chapters, the context and experiential examples.


Ashish Gakrey, Founder – HR Shapers



I have worked under the visionary leadership of Siddharth Sir for almost two years. These two years were the most learning period for me. I got all the opportunity and means to learn and grow. He really cares for his people. He brings out the best by appreciating rather than criticising. He would never suggest a solution on a platter, instead he would to ask questions in a way that we ourselves identified the problem and solution, so that we could own it.

His teaching style fantastic – succinct, but full of examples, visual reinforcement

which challenges you emotionally and forces you to look at your behaviour which ultimately leads you towards your best performance.

I remember an event when he said it happens with Managers at times that they download things/tasks without the awareness that whether the reportees have understood or not. From that moment, I ensure the communication is complete.

He always made us feel important, equal and loved, he used to stand by his team and was aware about every bit of the problems we were facing. 

He made us understand the business role of HRBP.

Even if we are not working together his guidance and coaching has always been readily available.


Shiwani Gupta, Manager – HR, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd.



A true people leader sees and speaks to the greatness in others, such that they are encouraged to make the savage life in them strive to nobility.


From their efforts to mask, or act out from their insecurities and fears that lead to their ultimate detriment, people now lift themselves up to the possibilities of greatness that the leader speaks to in them.


A compact and pithy little book about insightful tools to use to be an impactful people leader, without waiting long for your wins. Siddharth has contributed very handy documentation of practicable ideas that a committed people leader can try out without fuss.


Nikhil Benegal, Former Talent and Learning BP, Coats Asia



In a place of worship, a Murti (Idol sculpture) and a step stone come from the rock .. the former was mouldable and has gone through the pain of carving & hammering to become worthy of worship and the step stone was hard and not mouldable, hence a foot/stepping stone in the same place. 

Above snippet summarizes my take away from Naga’s book “Being an Awesome People Leader”. In very profound and simple vocabulary, Naga has highlighted Leadership & life themes for enhancing effectiveness of self and those around you!!! My heartiest congratulation and wishing loads of joy & success!! 


Surender (Suren) Mehta, Group CHRO, Nykaa




This book is different. It is written in an easy to understand linguistic style. He has presented a complex issue of Leadership in a very easy going narrative full of anecdotes and examples from his rich experience. He presents a pragmatic and powerful look at leadership. He offers some discerning techniques and ideas in the book. Throughout the book Siddharth cites various real-life examples as a source for learning valuable lessons in being an awesome People Leader.

Worth spending a few minutes reading through this book to raise one’s self-awareness about driving Business through People and at the same time becoming an awesome People Leader.

Ramesh Ranjan, Founder & Editor,



I am truly blessed to have worked under one of the finest leaders called as Siddharth or Sidd (what I call him). He is one the rare individuals who is high of both EQ and IQ, a combination which can make any project work, any team succeed, and any task achieved. He is one those few leaders who focuses on catching people doing the right thing and truly believes in giving others the best possible situations and resources to help them succeed. He would keep a keen eye on how the individuals are performing under the toughest of conditions and keep on pushing them to achieve more both personally and professionally. A leader who will not give so much helping hand that the employee become dependent on him only, but enough to make sure she/he gets up on the feet start running. He never shied away from sharing his knowledge with his team and others which truly makes him a great human being.

Ajay Singh, AVP – HR, Innoviti Payment Solutions



An awesome leader to me is


Wise ( not going by the rule book)

Eloquent (

Sincerely Interested (in teams development and Business Results)

Open minded (Willing to be proven wrong)

Mentor (Not Boss)

Engaged(With the team in their Job)

Siddharth has delved into aspects of leadership which if followed can make any leader AWESOME.


Alex Mathew, Head – HR, Max & EasyBuy



The book brings together the knowledge that Naga Siddharth has accumulated over the years coaching leaders and from his corporate life. The intriguing insights are presented in a simple manner with toolkits and tips.  I am sure this will be a very valuable to young leaders who had a fast track career growth and didn’t get the opportunity of time to learn by experience or coaching/mentoring from their managers and now have to manage and lead their teams.  The book brings out the critical but subtle nuances that differentiates an awesome leader from the rest. A must read for anybody wanting to build a high performing and cohesive team.

Jays Chandy, CHRO – Conneqt Business Solutions



It was a pleasure working with Siddhartha Sir. I must say he opened a new perspective for me and the role I was handling. He makes everyone feel special and valued. He would motivate us and show us how to do it on our own... He has been an inspiration, I totally enjoyed working with him. He made us understand the importance of Human Resources understanding the business. If didn't know, what was happening inside, how would you expect us to handle what is outside!

In every halted situation, I have always got aspiration from you and the light of existence. You have helped me to move towards positive experiences in life! Thanks Boss... Wishing you loads of love, successes and abundance ahead in life ahead! 🤩🤩🤩


Nihalika Verma, Sr. Manager – HRBP, DocOnline Health India Pvt. Ltd.



I would sum up the book as a book with practical concepts. It is presented in a lucid manner that makes easy to relate and implement. Ideal for those who are embarking on a journey of leading. It is often a lone world for one to fathom on their own! With books like this, it is all the help that one can ask for!


Pia Shome

Head - Human Resource, SMEcorner



Thank you, Sid. I’m very pleasantly surprised by the level of detail about every aspect of an employee’s journey across their corporate expedition. 

I spent a few hours reading and studying this book and was impressed. In my job, I am expected to know this and be able to recall it at a moment’s notice.

Being a soccer lover, I could relate to points on pg 41- ‘Help Others Succeed’.

We always remember the striker who is scoring goals, but we tend to forget the player who passed him the ball before scoring the goal.

#Hire #Engage #Nurture #Coach #Retain #Team #Recognition #Empathy #Assist


Congratulations Again!


Sandeep Banu, Head - HR, MoneyTap